Bert - PA3GIO/HI9

DXpedition to the Caribbean - the Dominican Republic

11 - 18 March 2004: 7400 QSO's
IOTA: NA-096. Operating on 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M (only SSB), (20M band is in daylight very very crowded in this part of the world).
Operating from Las Terrenas, the QTH of Erwin DL4NCF & Luzia DL4NYL (many thanks!). The house isn't available anymore.
Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, 7 el LP, 40M rotary dipole and wire antennas.
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Direct QSL: SAE with 2 US$ or 1 IRC for outside Europe, inside Europe: 1 US$ or 1 IRC.
Otherwise your QSL will be sent by the bureau.
Dominican local time: UTC - 4 hours.

Previous DXpedition:
15 - 20 March 2002: 7100 QSO's (avg. 1400 per day)

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The Titanex LP7 with rotary 40M dipole & 80M sloper at 17M high

The shack NO AC :-) with the 100W TS-50. Note the car battery on the floor for emergency power. I needed it twice for short periods on a single day in 2004 and for a longer period in 2002. Note on the left the DL4NCF homemade "power manager".

PA3GIO on the beach ! Only one short visit :-)

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Dominican Republic
Las Terrenas
Whale watching

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Weather Underground - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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