Bert - VK9CQ
DXpedition to Cocos Keeling

Total QSO count: 11.700

14 - 20 September 2001: 5300 QSOs
Operating on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB)  80M (3798 KHz)-40-20-17-15-12-10M
Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W,  Doublet
QSL preferable by the Bureau to PA3GIO
Cocos Keeling local time: UTC + 6.5 hours
Sunrise: 23:45, sunset: 11:12
IOTA: OC-003
Zone: 29 (CQ) 54 (ITU)

Audio fragment recorded by K3XC:
16 September 2001, 11:33 UTC, VK9CQ on 15M (wav-format, 99.5 KB)

Previous activity:
26 August - 1 September 2000
6300 QSO's (200 with mobile antenna on 26 August)

Audio fragment recorded by JF6OJX (
27 August 2000, 9:30 UTC, VK9CQ on 18.145 MHz (wav-format, 62 KB)

Travel report, select language:   English  Deutsch  Nederlands
Story about setting up the antenna: English only


New pictures (all can be enlarged by clicking on them):

Birdseyeview with the position of VK9CQ (Crown Copyright Australian Surveying and Land Information Group, Canberra)

This is Lloyds House, the operating site of VK9CQ, in daytime always outside until dark when the mosquito's came... The very old pick-up was not only for driving around... I used it as counterpoise again for the Outbacker Perth.... on Saturday 26 August 2000.
The first evening 26 August 2000, due late arrival of the plane... I drove the car beside the house to get the coax inside the house, VK9CQ was QRV...
The ant set up on Cocos Keeling VK9CQ was 2 X 20 M with the slotted made in USA open line on fishing rod about 8M above the ground looking west.
Story about setting up the antenna

This is the view back to Lloyd House from the feedpoint fishing rod. The aluminium pole for holding the feedline 3M above the ground to avoid any possible traffic problems.

Lloyds House from the road.

(Left and above:) The BAe 146 for flights between Christmas Island and Perth.


SPOT VK9CQ on DX Summit
Cocos Island Tourism Commission
DXpedition VK9XX - VK9YY 1999
Dept. of Transport and Regional Services - Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Dept. of Transport and Regional Services - Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Photo Library
Out of Bounds: Cocos Keeling
Cocos Dive

Weather forecast - Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology

6 - 13 September 2001:     Christmas Island (VK9XV) - IOTA OC-002
30 September - 3 October: Kangaroo Island (VK6GIO/5) - IOTA OC-139
9 - 15 October 2001:     Lord Howe Island (VK9LO) - IOTA OC-004

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