Bert - ZK2GI

DXpedition to the Niue Island

18 - 27 January 2003. Niue Island IOTA OC-040
Operating on 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10M in only SSB
Equipment: Kenwood TS-50S 100W and 2 x 20M Doublet.
QSL (preferable by the bureau or e-mail) to PA3GIO
Niue local time: UTC - 11 hours
Sunrise 17:00 UTC, sunset 06:00 UTC
Zone 32 (CQ) 62 (ITU)
Lat 19 S Long 170 W

Total QSO count: 5700

Many thanks to Thomas, DL2RUM (ZK2CW) for his help and pictures.

Audio fragment recorded by JF6OJX (
26 January 2003, 03:45 UTC, ZK2GI on 18.140 MHz (wma-format, 41 KB)

Nieu Island (1600 people) has been hit by a very severe Cyclone Heta on January 5-6 2004.
1 dead, 100 houses gone. the 50M waves came over the 30M cliff, 100M landinwards.
Only the walls in the sea direction survived.

Namukulu Motel
"Before & After" pictures:

Joe from Namukulu Motel lost two of the three units, the swimming pool and Michael's house is completely destroyed. GONE. No sceptic tank.. Joe and Robin are looking at rebuilding further inland.

A story:
Before & After Cyclone Heta:

Niue devastation reported by HAM radio
With no regular means of communicating with the outside world radio amateurs became a lifeline...
Phil, ZK2PM on the island put out a call for help which was answered by Steve, W7TZ
who phoned the New Zealand Consul General in Los Angeles and provided the government with its first notification that Niue had been ravaged by 186 mile per hour winds.

Updates: Niue Tourism and Niue Yacht Club

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High Risk: New Zealand's National Institute of Atmospheric Research is predicting a greater likelihood of tropical cyclones in Niue, Samoa, Tokelau and the Southern Cook Islands this season because of the El Nino effect reports Radio NZ International. NIWA has just released its risk assessments for the first part of the cyclone season through until January. Dr Jim Salinger says: "We are now in a well established moderate El Nino pattern, in the South Pacific, and what this does is it elongates the risk eastwards, from where it normally is." NIWA is predicting New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji, face a reduced risk of cyclones this season.

For Nieu, news and weather:

Cyclone 6 Feb 1990:
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